Landscape Lighting

Having the right outdoor lighting is essential to setting the ambiance of your garden at night time. As well as the practical reasons such as safety and add security. When it comes to outdoor lighting in today’s world, we are truly spoilt for choice. With LED lighting becoming so popular, the energy efficient and bright technology means we can install them just about anyway.

Outdoor lights come in various forms and styles, from your typical garden lantern to wall and paving lights. Used correctly, garden lights can help highlight popular plants in your garden and help create that perfect breathtaking experience come night time.

Using variations of lighting can also help set the tone of your garden. Using soft lighting on steps and over pathways create depth and warmth whilst brighter lights used on plants such as palm trees or gum trees highlight importance and space.

Here at M&M Landscapes we only use reputable brands that have proven to withstand the harsh Australian outdoor environment. Our designer will assist you in strategically selecting and placing your garden lights to achieve both a practical and visually affective garden lighting solution.

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