Timber Decking and Patios

There are so many options when landscaping to make sure your property not only looks amazing but functions well. Timber decks and timber patios will compliment just about any building structure.

Timber is a versatile material which can be stained, painted or modified to fit in with just about any structure.

Timber Decking Construction

Certainly, one of the more popular choices, timber decking is attractive and cost-effective when it comes to adding usable living space to your home. Given how versatile timber is, it can come be modified to fit all shapes and sizes.

Timber decking can be used to construct pathways as well as large open timber decks. Our team of qualified trades are both experienced and qualified to construct durable timber decks that adhere to the Australian building code.

Timber Stairs | Timber Seating and Benches  

To compliment your timber deck, our team of landscapers and carpenters can design and construct timber stairs, timber benches, garden boxes and one off timber pieces that will help transform your garden into something spectacular.

Timber Patios  

Looking for a timber patio living area? When it comes to building outdoor pergolas or patios, we can help you create the sanctuary of your dreams. The versatility that timber affords, means we can virtually create any style that your looking for.  Timber is a long-lasting material that will add depth and warmth to your landscape.

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